◆◇◆◇  Information of the DVDs  ◆◇◆

VOL.1Please click here.
 ・Delivery Pizza

 ・Changing Clothes at Parking

 ・Exposed at GS

  ・Exposed at Manga Cafe

 ・Exposed at Porno Movie Theater

 ・See-through Skirt

 ・See-through Bikini

  ・Lowrise Jeans Shopping

 ・Back Cut Design Pants
VOL.2Please click here.
 ・Very Short Skirt in Convenience Store

 ・Very Sexy Swimsuits

 ・Panties Flash

 ・Exposed at Hotel

 ・Painting Tattoo

 ・Body Stocking and Restroom

 ・He is a Molester
VOL.3Please click here.
 ・Exposed in Spain
VOL.4Please click here.
 ・Golf Practice Range

 ・Window of The Hotel

 ・Water Slider

 ・Terrace of The Hotel

 ・Trampoline Flash

 ・Back Cut Desigan Skirt

 ・Mysterious Skirt

 ・Lowrise Pants

VOL.5Please click here.
 ・No Skirt

 ・Locker Room

 ・Dropped a Skirt!

 ・Exposed at GS

 ・Exposed at Footbath

 ・Y-back Swimsuits

 ・Public Garden

 ・Very Short Skirt

 ・See-through Skirt

 ・Bottomless at Park
VOL.6Please click here.
 ・Thai Massage

 ・Korean Akasuri and Massage
VOL.7Please click here.
 ・See-through Swimsuite

 ・Nude in Front of The Man

 ・In a Striptease Theater

 ・Exposed in taxi


 ・See-through Clothes at Spain

 ・Outdoor hot spring

 ・Exposed at Park and Road

 ・Nude in underground passage

 ・Exposed at pharmacy
VOL.8Please click here.
 ・Turn Up a Skirt

 ・Nude at Night Town

 ・Exposed at Various Places

 ・Lowrise Jeans Shopping


How to Buy
Please apply for the following matter after understanding enough.
1 pieces       4,200 JPY
2 pieces       7,800 JPY
3 pieces       11,000 JPY
4 pieces -      +3,000 JPY/piece

Please choose a shipping method.

        1. Express Email Service    ( From 1,200JPY- )
                                   DVDs will arrive in approximately 4 days.
                                 A chase of the baggage is possible.

        2. Airmail    ( From 400JPY- )
                                   DVDs will arrive in approximately 6-10 days.
                                   A chase of the baggage is impossible.
It is necessary to consent to the following conditions.

        1.You must not violate my copyright.
        2.You must not sell DVD to other people.
        3.You must not upload DVD to the Internet.
           Security code is written on each DVD.
        4.When you break this promise, you must make good the damage for me.
You can pay by a credit card.    I will send you the payment Info later.